Tata Steel commissions

Tata Steel commissions India’s first plant to capture CO2

Tata Steel commissions: Tata Steel has commissioned India’s first carbon capture plant at Jamshedpur Works which extracts CO2 directly from blast furnace gas. Tata Steel has become the first steel company in the country to adopt carbon capture technology. The CCU plant was inaugurated by T.V. Narendran, CEO and MD, Tata Steel in the presence of company officials and other dignitaries.

Tata steel commissions

Tata Steel will re-use carbon dioxide from its plants to promote circular carbon economy. The plant uses Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) facility, amine based technology and the captured carbon dioxide with calorific value is sent back to the plant back into the gas network. The plant has a capacity of five tonnes per day. This plant has been prepared with the technical support of an organization called Carbon Clean.

This will reduce CO2 gas emissions, reduce costs, and provide clean energy to the plant. The experience gained from such plants will also give us the confidence with the necessary data to set up future large carbon plants. Our next target is to set up such plants in all units seamlessly.

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What is carbon capture plant

  1. The plant can take up to 5 tonnes of CO2 per day (5 tonnes per day). The company will reuse the captured CO2 on site to promote a circular carbon economy.
  2. This carbon capture and utilization (CCU) facility uses amine-based technology and makes the captured carbon available for reuse onsite.
  3. The reduced CO2 gas is sent back to the gas network with an increased calorific value. The project has been executed with the technical support of Carbon Clean, the best in low cost CO2 capture technology.

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