PM Modi inaugurates Shikshak Parv-2021

Shikshak parv-2021

Shikshak parv 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Shikshak Parv 2021 on 7 September at 10.30 am. During this, PM Modi addressed all the teachers and parents of the country for shikshak parv celebration. Due to Corona, this program had to be done through video conferencing. During this, PM Modi announced major changes in the field of education.

According to the Prime Minister, the teachers performed very well in this difficult time and the contribution made by the teachers for the future of the students in the country is incomparable and commendable.

Shikshak parv- 2021

Theme of Shikshak parv-2021

The theme of this year’s Teachers’ Year is ‘Quality and Sustainable Schools: Learning from Schools in India’. Continuity of education at all levels will be ensured in teacher’s program and new approaches to improve quality, inclusive practices and sustainability in schools across the country will also be encouraged.

The emphasis will be on N-DEAR (National Digital Educational Architecture)

Under this program, N-DEAR (National Digital Educational Architecture) will also play a big role in eradicating inequality in education and modernizing it. N-DEAR will act as a super connect between all academic activities. Apart from this, technology like Talking Books and Audio Books has been made a part of education. Emphasis will be given to prepare teachers for change through ‘Nishtha’ training programmes.

The Shikshak Parv program consists of five major schemes as per NEP 2020:

  1. Indian Sign Language Dictionary (audio and text embedded sign language videos for the hearing impaired, in line with universal learning design)
  2. Talking Books (Audiobooks for the Blind)
  3. CBSE’s School Quality Assurance and Evaluation Framework
  4. Nishtha Teachers Training Program for Nipun Bharat Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal. The Platform for non-teaching professionals to contribute in enhancing the quality of education in government schools.

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