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Literacy is the ability of reading and writing. Children are taught to read and write in school. A few decades ago there was illiteracy among people. Then the Government of India organized many adult education programs. People who do not know how to read and write are called illiterate.

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Progress in education

The world has made steady progress in education in the past decades. Because globally millions of youth and adult people lack basic reading skills and children and adolescents are not achieving minimum proficiency level of reading and mathematics. Education is most important in  the present century. This is the essential part of human life. Because illiterate people can never understand the values of present world. Now a day education has been as a weapon which leads to human on the way of success.

World literacy day

World literacy day celebrated on 8th September every year globally to raise awareness and remind people of the importance of education as a matter of dignity and human rights. UNESCO at its general conference on 26 October in 1967 declared 8th September to be the international literacy day. literacy challenges persist with at least 773 million adults worldwide lacking basic literacy skills today. There is emerging need to revisit teaching and learning for youth and adults as well as the role of educators.

Theme of literacy day

International literacy day 2020 will focus on literacy teaching and learning in the covid-19 crisis and beyond with a focus on the role of educator’s and changing pedagogies. Therefore mainly focus on youth and adult by exploring these question. International literacy day 2020 will provide an opportunity to reflect on and discuss how innovative and effective pedagogies and teaching methodologies can be used in youth and adult education programmes to face pandemic and beyond.

Problems to be addressed

Educators are at the  heart of promoting quality lifelong learning. If educators are motivated, trained, guaranteed decent working condition, satisfactorily and provided career prospect then youth and adult education programs can be more successful and lead to better learning and development outcomes. In many areas of secondary level of education are an even lower level is considered to be sufficient qualification for adult literacy educators. There are also programs that rely on volunteers with insufficient teaching skills. At the program level according to the GARLE IV some 75% of 107 countries who responded to the survey reported major improvements in the quality of adult learning and education which include adult education since 2015.


Future education programs can also benefit from technological and scientific development including digital technology. Supported teaching and learning and adoption of the latest knowledge. even if educators are well trained and qualified achieving intended results through effective teaching may involve other challenges such as lack of appropriate materials and access to learning spaces as well as insufficient human or financial resources. 

Importance of literacy

learning to read and write is a crucial part of a child’s development. Reading and writing skill are essential for adults. Being literate means that people can understand and follow written instructions, find out information online or in books, write letters and emails. It’s also means that a child or adult is able to participate fully in their community.

Gender bias on education

Despite tremendous progress over the past 20 years girls are still than boys to never set foot in a classroom. While girls are closing  the gender gap in out of school rates at global level inequality persist. According to UNESCO estimates 41% or 25 million of all out of school children of primary school age  have never attend school. Globally 273 million children adolscent and youth between the age of 6 and 17 are currently out of school. 


Communication is a basic human right. An important part of communication is literacy. That’s why we urge you to sign. The universal declaration of communication rights. By singing the pleasure you help bring attention to person with communication disorders and the professional that can help them.


International literacy day 2020 is opportune to revisit different approaches to literacy teaching and learning. The vital role that educators play in promoting quality education programs with a particular focus on youth and adult education. Learning lessons from initial responses to the covid-19 crisis and the wealth of knowledge accumulated across the world.

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