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Government schemes

Government schemes: In this article we have discussed about government schemes which are currently approved by central government. From the educational point of view these are very important schemes for every competitive exams.

1. Cabinet approves ‘PM Shri’ scheme

Government schemes
Government Scheme: ‘PM shree’

The Union Cabinet has approved a new centrally sponsored scheme ‘PM Shree School’. PM Shree School will provide guidance and leadership to other schools in its vicinity.
The PM Shree (PM School for Rising India) scheme project will be implemented at a cost of Rs 27360 crore for a period of five years from the year 2022-23 to 2026.

Features of the scheme:-

  1. PM Shree will provide high quality education in an equitable, inclusive and joyful school environment, which will take care of the diverse backgrounds, multilingual needs and diverse academic abilities of children and will also engage them in their own learning process.
  2. Schools under PM Shree will lead by providing mentorship to other schools in their respective regions.
  3. PM Shree Schools will be developed as Green School, with solar panels and LED lights, natural farming with nurturing gardens, waste management, plastic free, water conservation and harvesting, study of traditions/practices related to protection of environment like environment favorable aspects will be included.
  4. The pedagogy adopted in these schools will be more experiential, holistic, integrated, game/toy-based (especially in the foundational years), inquiry-driven, discovery-oriented, discussion-based, flexible and enjoyable.
  5. Each class will focus on the learning outcomes of each child. Assessment at all levels will be based on conceptual understanding and application of knowledge in real life situations and will be competency based.
  6. The resources available for each domain and their effectiveness in terms of availability, adequacy, suitability and utilization and their key performance indicators will be assessed and gaps filled in a systematic and planned manner.
  7. Linkages with sector skill councils and local industry will be explored to increase employability and provide better job opportunities.
  8. Through this, the School Quality Assessment Framework (SQAF) is being developed. Quality assessment of these schools will also be done at regular intervals to ensure standards.

How will the schools be selected:-

PM Shree schools will be selected through a challenge mode, in which schools compete for support to become exemplary schools. Schools will have to apply themselves on the online portal. The portal will be opened four times a year, once in every quarter for the first two years of the scheme. The selection will be done through a three stage process with definite time frame, which is as follows:-

  • Phase-1: States/UTs agreeing to fully implement the New Education Policy, signed a MoU with the Center supporting these schools to achieve quality assurance in the form of PM Shree Schools. To set commitments.
  • Phase-2: In this phase, schools eligible to be selected as PM Shree Schools will be identified on the basis of minimum benchmarks determined through UDISE+ data.
  • Phase-3: This phase is based on the challenge method to satisfy certain criteria. Only schools that meet the challenge conditions out of the above eligible will compete. The fulfillment of the conditions will be certified by the States/KVS/JNVs through physical inspection. The States/UTs/KVS/JNVs will verify the claims reported by the schools and recommend the list of schools to the Ministry.

2. Jammu and Kashmir Village Defense Guard Scheme got approval

Village Defense Guard SCHEME (Image source PM Modi Yojana

VDG ‘Village Defense Guard Scheme 2022’ for Jammu and Kashmir has been approved by the Govt. After getting approval from the government, this scheme has been made officially effective from August 15.

After getting permission from the Union Home Ministry to deal with terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, the Home Department of Jammu and Kashmir has approved the preparation of VDG Scheme 2022. A few months ago, J&K BJP leaders along with VDG (earlier known as VDC) members met Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi to raise the demand for restructuring the Village Defense Group.

VDC’ was established in the 90s. Its members have been playing an important role in assisting the army in counter-terrorist operations, keeping an eye on anti-social elements and maintaining peace in the region. Now this scheme has been reorganized and renamed as ‘Village Defense Guard’ (VDG). Apart from this, the order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the members of VDG will now be known as ‘Guards’ and their pay scale will also be fixed.

About VDG scheme:-

  1. In sensitive areas, the head of the VDG and the coordinator will be paid Rs 4,000 per month and the guards involved will be paid Rs 4,000 per month.
  2. The ‘Gram Suraksha Group’ will now have to work under the direct control of the police chiefs of the districts.
  3. Now after getting approval from the government, the members of the Village Defense Guard will work in the villages of Jammu and Kashmir to combat terrorism and help the army.
  4. They will also be given honorarium.

3. Government launched Mission Vatsalya Yojana

The Ministry of Women and Child Development is implementing the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Mission Vatsalya” erstwhile Child Protection Services (CPS) Scheme since 2009-10 for the welfare and rehabilitation of children.

Objective of Mission Vatsalya

  1. Mission Vatsalya aims at ensuring a healthy and happy childhood for every child in India, providing them opportunities to realize their full potential, supporting development in every field, providing them with such a sensitive, supportive and synchronous eco-system.
  2. To establish a system in which their full development takes place. Along with this, the States and Union Territories were to provide facilities as per the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 and help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Main points about the scheme

  1. The main tasks of Mission Vatsalya include improving the functioning of constitutional bodies, strengthening the service delivery framework, increasing the standard of institutional care and services, promoting non-institutional community based care, providing emergency access, training and capacity building.
  2. All the States and Union Territories have signed MoU with the Ministry to implement this scheme in their respective states.
  3. Mission Vatsalya will be implemented as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme in accordance with the prescribed cost sharing ratio between the Center and the State/UT Governments.
  4. The Ministry has issued detailed guidelines for the “Mission Vatsalya” scheme and has asked the State and UT Administrations to prepare their financial proposals and plans based on the Financial Rules Guidelines in this regard for the year 2022-23. .
  5. The rules of Mission Vatsalya Yojana will be applicable from April 1, 2022.
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