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Write an essay on ‘World Earth Day’ or ‘Restore our Earth’


We celebrate ‘World Earth day’ every year at 22 April to support of environmental protection. It began in 22 April 1970. In the term environmental protection it means to protect the Earth from environmental pollution, deforestation and plastic pollution etc. and make it healthier to live. In the year 1970 Spring, the earth day was invented by Senator Gaylord Nelson. The main objective to celebrate Earth Day is spreading awareness about to protect our planet. Industrial waste environmental pollution lead the earth in wrong direction. 1 billion individuals mobilized action for every Earth day and above 190 countries engaged with this program. In 1990 the earth day goes global. 

Restore Our Earth

Theme of the earth day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth”. At April 22, 1970 on the first earth day 20 million people came out onto the streets across the USA. This year all events of earth day will be online because of global covid-19 pandemic. Restore Our Earth the theme signifies that we all human beings need to protect our earth from many kind of misleading activities eg. Deforestation, increasing use of plastic, environmental polution etc. Through these activities our earth becoming helpless. 

Climate change issue

Climate change is becoming the serious issue on earth. Deforestation, environmental polution system grow up global warming. Which does hoch-poch our earth system eg. Glaciers melt, flooding, forest fire, weather ups and downs etc.

What should we do to save earth

a) Plastic free earth 

We should take steps to make earth plastic free- Less use of plastic. Use reusable bags for shopping purpose. 

b) Reduce, Reuse and Recycle ♻️

We should reduce the use of plastic, energy sources- water, electricity and another energy sources. Reuse plastic bottles, bags and recycle several used things, metal, clothes etc. Just follow three R’s for protect our earth planet and environment. 

c) Conservation of energy sources

Conservation of energy sources that are way to protect the earth. Less use of Energy Sources for example water, electricity and fuel made the earth fulfill of resources we can conserve energy sources for our upcoming generations.

d) Plant more trees

Governments of all countries should formulate a variety of policies for tree plantation and necessary action should be taken on them. It is the duty of every person living on this earth to maintain the natural wealth and to plant more and more trees. Because there is a need to maintain natural wealth and wealth for our future generations. Everyone should vow how many trees we will plant in the whole year .

e) Make people aware

Governments of all countries should make policies that how should we make the citizens of our country aware that we have to maintain it. 

d) Reduction of greenhouse gas emission

Smoke from industries pollutes the atmosphere so much that breathing in polluted environments is harmful to health. This smoke emits harmful carbon. All big industries should be in uninhabited places outside the city so that the ill effects on people’s health cannot be read. Programs should be made to do greenhouse gas emission from our environment. If the environment is healthy then the earth will also be healthy.

e) Volunteers

There should be some communities in all cities that are voluntary Who assume the responsibility of cleaning the cities. This is the first step to keep the earth clean and green.

f) Chemical Polution

Toxic chemicals from industries pollute the earth And destroys the fertility of the earth. This toxic chemical is released in rivers, drains and open places, causing land pollution, water pollution, etc. Toxic water released by industries is harmful to animal and natural wealth. Crops grown around industries are harmful to health because there is a lot of toxic chemicals leak.

Ways to celebrate ‘World Earth Day’ in schools

World Earth Day in schools celebrated in many ways and  It is very important that children are taught to celebrate Earth Day By this, children will develop a feeling of keeping their environment clean.

 Such activities should be done by the students in the school Such as save water, clean campaign, make the environment dirt free, Saving energy sources, saving electricity and recycle etc. Children should be made aware to plant trees So that one can understand the values ​​of natural wealth in future. Some activities should be done in which children create something with recycled things. Creating bulletin boards, making posters, etc. all increase creativity in children and can be made aware of every initiative to handle them.

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