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Essay on technology:- 11 May celebrated as National Technology day in India every year. In this 21st century technology is going on highest peak in the world. Technology means techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services such as scientific investigations.

The simplest form of Technology is the development and use of basic tools. Development in historic time printing press, the telephone, computer and the internet have lessened physical barriers to communication and allowed human to interact freely on a global scale.

Effects of Technology

Technology has many effects. It has helped to develop more advanced economies and has allowed the leisure class. Many technological processes produce unwanted products known as pollution and its use natural resources and damage of Earth’s environment.

Innovation have always influenced the value of a society and raised new questions in the ethics of Technology. Examples include the rise of the notion of efficiency in terms of human productivity and the challenges of bioethics.

Essay on Technology
Essay on Technology

Types of Technology

There are different types of technology that are being used in today’s world. eg. communication Technology, construction technology, product, medical, architecture, business, educational, informational, medical, robotics, space and agriculture Technology etc.

Information technology

The technology has a part of software and hardware tools utilised to process, transfer and store information. These tools of information Technology provide to the  individual with accurate and updated information at the right time. 

Educational technology

The main motive of educational technology has enhancing the creativity of students. To make students all round developed by use and managing different technological resources and processes in a classroom in any learning field.

Communication Technology

In reality communication is essential part of human’s personal and professional life to express emotions, share information and exchange ideas etc. Communication Technology one of the most common Technology being used in our everyday life. It helps us in transmitting data or information by using various devices like telephone, radio, television and the internet.

Medical Technology

medical Technology have vast field which related to human health. This is the most effective and beneficial type of Technology which improving and extending human life. Globally all developed countries adapted of this technology in their healthcare system. It comprises area like pharmaceutical and biotechnology to utilise the best researching diagnosing and treating diseases and infections.

Agricultural Technology

Agricultural machines playing excellent role in human life. These machines made work easiest for farmers whose always does physical hard work in summer, winter and rain like hard weather. Agricultural machines are created for almost stages of the farming and other agricultural processes.

  This includes machines for packaging and sorting products, feeding livestock, threshing grains, harvesting crops protecting crops from weeds and pests, land irrigation, seed plantation and soil tilling.

Advantages of Technology

In this modern society Technology take essential place in human life. Today’s human life made technical. It has several advantages and disadvantages.

  • Speed and efficiency of work increasing day by day.
  • Employees should never have to waste time. They can store and share data in computers, laptops and mobiles.
  • Businesses best their competitors by being able to respond to data and adapt to changes.
  • With the growth of the freelancer economy these are expected to become the majority.
  • Another advantage of new technology is that it allows companies to automate functions that previously required employees. Tasks like data entry and analytics, contact management can be completely automated. Which allows businesses to work more efficiently without the risk of human error.

Disadvantages of Technology

Another side the evolution of modern technology has disadvantages. Modern human now depends on new technology. They have no longer needs to think. In some areas devices can replace the human mind.

To taking benefits of calculator men no longer make mental calculations and no longer work his memory. It affects memory, attention spans and sleep cycle. The negative impact of the influence of Technology on children should not be underestimated as well. 


Finally as most technological discoveries motive to reduce human efforts. It has made our lives easier and better to communication.