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Welcome to Ritu’s Academy. We are providing here essay writing about advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone. In this essay writing we are going to discuss about all features of mobile phone. Mobile phone has several features but within many advantages and disadvantages too. Let’s start:-


In this changing era, mobile phone is basic need for everyone. For everything we are depending on mobile for example if we have to learn something we always use mobile.

Essay on mobile phone

Contacts and call another peoples is basic function of mobile but now functions of mobiles and features daily updating and also being advanced. We use mobile if we have to entertain ourself.

Features of mobile as similar as computers. Several technical work we can do on mobile instead use of computer or desktop. Artificial intelligence take to the technology at highest peak. By this advanced technology we can find everything on the mobile which is running through internet. 

Invention of mobile phone

Behind the invention of mobile, the history is broad. Many engineers invented the different features of mobile. The first mobile phone is invented by Martin Cooper in April 1973 and he is from Chicago, USA. He is called the father of cell phones. Dr. Martin Cooper was general manager at Motorola communication system division. He made the first public mobile phone call on a device that weigh 1.1 kg. 

Mobile phone advantages and disadvantages

Different models of mobiles

From past time to present there are many types of models of mobiles. Which are changing the design time to time. Modern techniques changes its look general mobile to smartphone. 

Importance of mobile phone

Mobile phone is most important in our life. Thousands of features in the mobile phone, which can do every task easier for us. Many types of works can do a mobile which also done by computers.

Its dominant feature is that we can take mobile at every place. Before few years,  mobiles were not common and the cost of calls expensive. But at present mobiles are common and of course cost of mobiles decreases and it’s being every one’s choice. 

Advanced features of smartphones attract young generation too much. They always find advanced features like 3D games, MP3 downloads, advanced camera features , new ringtones, hello tune, video recording and excited wallpapers etc. Importance of mobiles increasing everyday.

Now online education is in Trend. Mostly people prefers to learn online due to corona virus pandemic. Students can find learning material on every topic on mobile which is providing by websites and learning apps. Many YouTube channels providing  live online learning classes.

Which students want to crack competitive exams they mostly prefers to learn online instead of going outside at an institutes because attending online learning classes have free without paying any fees. It is very beneficial for those students who cannot go to any institutes for attend learning classes. 

Advantages of mobile phones

1. Communication

Mobile have several advantages but communication is one of the most important advantage. Communication to one person to another and at any place,  is the first job of mobile phone.

Mobile is very small to carry. we can keep it at any place while traveling, driving and going anywhere.

Text messages a great way to send any message on emails, through WhatsApp.

2. Source of entertainment and information

Mobile is a very good source of entertainment we can find many types of videos according to our interests. Trending news, fashion, current and world affairs, world Economy, progresses of another countries all types of reports providing on mobile internet. We can find here information about every field eg. Economy, politics, finance, health, defence, households, IT sector, science etc.

3. Internet Banking

Internet banking has become very easy through mobile. Internet banking is the system which provides facility to the customer to carry out financial and non-financial transactions from his net banking account.
Bank account holders can do money transfer, bank account balance check etc. using net banking account, RTGS, NEFT etc. The resource used by the customer can be an electronic device like a computer, laptop or mobile phone. The Internet is the medium that makes technology possible.

  • The customer can view the account statement.
  • The customer can know the details of the transactions done by the concerned bank in a given period.
  • Bank statements, various types of forms, applications can be downloaded.
  • The customer can transfer funds, pay any kind of bill, recharge mobile, DTH connection etc.
  • The customer can buy and sell on the e-commerce platform.
  • The customer can invest and operate the business.
  • The customer can book transportation, travel packages and medical packages.

4. Digital Education

every person knows that what is ‘digital education’. In this century a coronavirus pandemic pushed the education to online mode. Online education providing through mobile phone on Internet is called ‘digital education’. Importance of digital education is increasing with the time. Little children also using mobile phone to continued online study. Now its need of every individual. People becomes aware about advantages of Internet and uses of it.

5. Social media

Social media is a means by which people can connect with each other from far away countries.This is an application through which people can deliver many types of messages, mailing, news etc. Everyone from low class to high class is on social media. There are many examples of social media such as mobile apps, newspapers, TV channels, radio fm etc. Social media is a tool of mass communication through which political, economic, financial, banking, education and new technologies keeps getting new updates.

6. Source of Earning

Mobile phone has now become a means of earning money. People are earning money by working on mobile from home. For example, writing articles, teaching, affiliate marketing, selling products, providing services etc. During covid period, every organisation Worked from home because of keep maintain social distance.

7. Maps and Navigation

Maps and navigation is a unique feature of mobile. We can easily reach any place through GPS. For this, we set the location on our mobile, GPS gives us a route with less traffic. Which helps us a lot to reach our destination. Sometimes we go to some place which is new to us or we are visiting it for the first time. In such a situation it becomes easy to find the way by GPS.

8. Clock and alarm

Having the facility of clock and alarm on mobile is of great benefit. We can easily check the time at any place at home or outside and set an alarm to wake up early in the morning.

9. Flash light and torch

With the feature of flashlight on torch in mobile, it has become very easy that we can light with torch in any dark place outside the house or on the way. Before the introduction of flashlight in mobile, people used to arrange candles or torches in their homes.But since the facility of mobile torch has become available, the use of torches with candles and battery has reduced a lot.

10. Another functions

Mobiles have many functions like alarm clock, calendar,  calculator, notes and reminder, maps and navigation,  online banking and Finance which makes our life easier to maintain different fields.


1. Privacy and security

MobilePhone has biggest disadvantage is that it can transparent our privacy and security. Our data in mobile phone eg. Our passwords, accounts, bank balance, pictures, videos etc. It’s not all safe. Pictures that were sharing on social media it can be misused. So we should not share our personal information on social media.

2. Cyber crime

Cyber criminals and hackers can leak our data. They can put harm on our personal information and data. New technologies are invented every day There are many such apps and sites that do cybercrime. These hackers steal our important data, information etc. and we do not know anything. Therefore, all activities on mobile should be done very carefully.

3. Misuse of mobile

Its major disadvantages is on children. They can misuse of mobile internet. Playing games and uses of social media mostly waste of time. They take it as terrible habit and watching videos, pictures, playing games. 

4. Loss of Study

There are so many types of games to which getting children addicted. Full day mobile activities can made them lazy and irregular in studies which can push them back from the way of progress and also make darken their future.

5. Health problems

Excessive use of mobile phone has a bad effect on health. The blue light emanating from the mobile is harmful. Mobile should be kept away from your eyes as much as possible. The rays emanating from the mobile also affect our eyes and brain. It is very important that the mobile should be kept far away from you while sleeping at night, at least 3-4 meters away.

6. wastage of time

If the mobile is used incorrectly then it wastes time. Bad mobile addiction can badly affect from elder to young children. Due to the bad habit of mobile, a person can deviate from every work. To keep on using your mobile in vain is a waste of time.


Mobile phone has take most important place in our life. It gives us many of advantages and disadvantages too. If we take it positively then we can achieve many advantages. It is in our hand that what we want to get positive things or negative. 

Short essay mobile phone: advantages and disadvantages 300 words

Introduction :
Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, revolutionizing communication and information access. While they offer many benefits, it is important to recognize their drawbacks. This essay discusses the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones highlighting their impact on our lives.

Mobile phones have transformed communication by providing instant connectivity regardless of location. They allow us to make calls, send messages and engage in video chats, bridging the gap between individuals. Additionally, they give us easy access to information through internet connectivity, increasing the way we gain knowledge and stay updated. Mobile phones increase convenience and productivity by serving as portable organizers, helping us manage schedules and perform various tasks with mobile apps. They also play an important role in emergency situations, providing a means to quickly contact emergency services and save lives.

Disadvantages :
Mobile phone use raises concerns about potential health risks due to long-term exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Socially, excessive phone use can lead to isolation and reduced face-to-face interactions, which can affect personal relationships. Distractions from notifications, social media, and addictive apps can hinder productivity and focus. In addition, mobile phones store personal information, making them vulnerable to privacy breaches and security risks such as data breaches and identity theft.

Mobile phones offer many advantages in communication, information access, convenience and emergencies. However, we must also address their health, social and safety concerns.

Essay on Mobile Phone 200 words

Mobile phones, a quintessential element of modern life, have revolutionized the way individuals communicate, work, and access information. Their impact transcends mere communication, extending to various spheres of life, shaping social interactions, businesses, education, and personal development.

Primarily designed for calls and texts, mobile phones have swiftly evolved into multifunctional devices, integrating numerous features in a single handheld tool. These devices now serve as cameras, gaming consoles, navigation aids, and digital wallets, offering unparalleled convenience and connectivity. The advent of smartphones, equipped with advanced technologies, has sparked a new era, granting access to a wealth of information at one’s fingertips.

However, this technological marvel is a double-edged sword. While enhancing connectivity, mobile phones have generated concerns regarding privacy, digital addiction, and social detachment. The compulsive usage of these devices has raised debates about their impact on mental health and interpersonal relationships, prompting discussions on digital well-being.

Moreover, the accessibility of mobile phones has transformed industries, fostering the growth of mobile app development, e-commerce, and remote working. Education has been reshaped by mobile learning, enabling access to educational resources and courses from anywhere in the world.

In conclusion, the mobile phone’s pervasive influence is undeniable, redefining human interactions, work dynamics, and the very fabric of society. Its impact, a blend of convenience and challenges, continues to shape and redefine our world, underscoring the necessity for responsible usage and a balanced approach to harness its full potential.

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