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Digital education in India

Digital Education :- In this article we have discussed about digitalization of education which is essential part of every learner. There is whole summary or essay on Digital education. It is also important for all compititive exams eg. UPSC SSC etc.

About digital education

Nowadays every person knows that what is ‘digital education’. In this century a coronavirus pandemic pushed the education to online mode. Online education providing through mobile phone on Internet is called ‘digital education’.

During pandemic when Schools were closed then online education only the way to be study continued. Several learning apps, YouTube channels and websites providing study materials. We can find out several types of courses on Internet.

From little kids to Universities level of study providing us by Internet. There are many advantages of online study but some disadvantages too. 

Digital education

What is Digital Education

Digital education is a technology or method of learning that involves technology and digital tools. It is a new and vast technological field which helps any student to gain knowledge and access information from any corner of the world. It is right to say that ‘Digital Education’ is the future of education and learning in India.

Importance of digital education

Importance of digital education is increasing with the time. Little children also using mobile phone to continued online study. Now its need of every individual. People becomes aware about advantages of Internet and uses of it. During pandemic time, online education was only the source of education for children and teachers.

Through mobile apps teachers meet with their students and they can interact with students at staying home.  Mobile apps providing many facilities of teaching and learning at home eg. Video conferencing calls, learning classes for every subjects, and test question papers. On mobile apps children get their homework,  test question papers and another activities.

It was very beneficial online study at pandemic period when lockdown is on high peak. Teachers and students co-operate with each others and achieves the target. College students attend there online classes for their competitive types exams which is preparing for achieve their jobs. 

Impacts of digital education

1. Uses of internet spreads rapidly

In the existing of digital education uses of internet spreads rapidly. Rich to poor people using the internet. Which people can’t afford mobile and Internet they also using it due to helplessness or compulsion because during the pandemic period it was only the source of continuous study.

2. Development of mobile apps

Mobile apps developing in fast speed at this time because it’s everyone’s need to be continuing working and learning. Mobile apps made very easy to find learning classes on mobile. Students can attend lectures with their favourite lecturers, with whom they can easily understand. 

3. Selling of mobile phones

To fulfill their own needs people purchased mobile phones for the children. It is increased the selling rate of mobile phones from few years ago. Every person needs mobile to learning.

4. Reduce work load of teachers and students

Through mobiles , reduces the amount of work of teachers and students. Instead of hand written notes teachers prepared PDF files and providing its to their students and students also not need to collect written notes. PDF files provides all written data by mobile phones. It is made easy learning teaching process. 

5. Learning programs on television and radio

Many TV channels have started learning classes on the television. Which students can’t afford mobiles and internet, they can learn on television easily. Government of India now going to start a learning program on radio which will be helpful for backward region areas people. 

6. Increasing learning classes on YouTube channel

The consistency of learning classes on YouTube channel is growing fast. Teachers and educators providing learning classes on many subjects. Lectures on several subjects providing here. 

8. Financial benefits

It is very beneficial for teachers who provide learning classes on internet through mobile apps and YouTube channels. They are making money directly through mobile apps and YouTube Channels. Google provide the platform from which people can perform well in their fields. It can be learning, teaching, cooking, dancing and acting etc. 

9. Expensive

Digital education is very expensive to afford it. Poor people cannot afford mobile phones and internet. It is very difficult and struggling for them to learning online. To fulfill their needs some people sell their household things to provide quality study for their children. They faced very difficulties during pandemic and lockdown situations.


If there are lots of advantages of digital education there are some disadvantages too.

1. Digital education policy for students with disabilities

Digital education policy is never right for children with disabilities. It’s a big challenge for those kids. According to a survey, 50% of India’s children are from rural and backward areas, which are very difficult to provide internet. In a way, it can be said that it is exclusion in the name of inclusion.

2. Passive mode of learning

It is passive learning within expensive. It makes children some lazy. Children can be habitual for mobile phone and getting lazy to study at home. Children can do misuse of mobile phones and internet. It is necessary that children activities on internet, parents should be always watch over. So they can guide them to do good or bad things. 

3. Lack of access to the internet

There are more than 50% children in India who live in rural and backward areas. It is a struggle to provide the means of internet for them. Some people are below poverty line who can not even buy the services of internet and android mobile etc. In these situations, digital education has remained like a dream for those people.

4. Digital education threatening for health

Studying online on mobile and computer for 5 to 6 hours a day has proved to be more fatal for health. This can have a very bad effect on the health of the students. Some studies have revealed that it can cause diseases like heart disease etc. According to Harvard Medical School researchers Blue light emitted from mobile has bad effect on eyes. Once the sleep system deteriorates, then physical diseases do not take long. Due to this, students can easily fall prey to other diseases. For example, there is pain in the neck, blurred vision, worsening of sleep, feeling of tension and bad effect on memory power.And it is more influenced by the abilities of reasoning power.

5. Wastage of money and time

It is not wrong to say that the use of mobile and internet is a waste of time and money. Because most students are fickle, His mischievous nature plays an important role in taking him in the wrong direction. Instead of studying, spend time playing games and watching entertaining videos on mobile.This not only wastes the time of the students but also harms the money and health.

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