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Welcome to Ritu’s Academy. Here we are providing question answers of latest current affairs of October 2021. For preparation of competitive exams eg. UPSC, IAS, IPS Banking, Railway and Teaching and other states civil services / government job recruitment examinations of India. Lets start:-

1. Question :- Who won the bronze medal at the Asian Table Tennis Championships in Doha, Qatar?

Current affairs
File image of Indian men’s table tennis team.

Answer :- Indian men’s table tennis team

2. Question :- When was International Teachers Day celebrated?

Answer :- 5 October

3. Question :- Who has been declared as the official mascot of the centrally sponsored Namami Gange Programme (National Mission for Clean Ganga) ?

Answer :- “Chacha Chaudhary” has been specially selected to connect the children with the river cleanliness campaign.

4. Question :- Who jointly won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics for contributions to complex physical systems ?

Answer :- 1. Syukuro Manabe 2. Klaus Hasselmann 3. Giorgio Parisi

5. Question:- Who gives the Nobel Prize in Physics?

Answer :- Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden

6. Question :- What is the Prize money of the Nobel Prize ?

Answer :- The coveted award comes with a gold medal and 10 million Swedish krona (over $1.14 million).

7. Question :- The Nobel Prize is the world’s most prestigious award given in which different fields?

Answer :- Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace

8. Question :- Who jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2021?

David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian

Answer :- David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for their discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch.

9. Question :- Who jointly won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry ?

Answer :- Benjamin List and David W.C. Macmillan “for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis

10. Question :- When is Gandhi Jayanti celebrated?

Answer :- 2 October

11. Question :- Which program has been launched by e-commerce major Amazon India?

Answer :- Global Computer Science Education Program, Amazon Future Engineer

12. Question :- When is “World Vegetarian Day” celebrated ?

Answer :- 1 October

13. Question :- Who has been awarded 2021 Nobel Peace Prize ?

Answer :- Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov have been awarded 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace.

14. Question :- when is ‘Indian Air Force Day’ celebrated ?

Answer :- 8 October

15. Question :- Who won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature?

Answer :- The Nobel Prize for Literature in 2021 will be awarded to ‘Abdulrazak Gurnah’, born in Zanzibar and active in England, “for his steadfast and compassionate penetration into the effects of colonialism and the refugee’s fate in the gulf between cultures and continents”. to be provided.

16. Question :- Who won Gold medal in ISSF Junior World Championship?

Aishwarya Pratap Singh Tomar

Answer :- Young Indian shooter, Aishwarya Pratap Singh Tomar created a world record in the final of the men’s 50m rifle three positions event at the ISSF Junior World Championships in Lima, Peru. Won gold medal.

17. Question :- when is ‘World Cotton Day’ observed ?

Answer :- 7 October

18. Question :- Who has won the ‘Yidan Award is the world’s highest education honour’?

Professor Eric A. Hanushek and Dr. Rukmini Banerji

Answer :- Professor Eric A. Hanushek and Dr. Rukmini Banerji have been awarded the 2021 Yidan Prize for Education Development to Improve Learning Outcomes in Schools.

19. Question :- When is International Girl Child Day observed?

Answer :- International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated every year on 11 October since 2012.

20. Question :- When is observed “World Day Against the Death Penalty” ?

Answer :- 10 October

21. Question :- Who won the F1 Turkish Grand Prix 2021 title?

Answer :- Valtteri Bottas

22. Question :- Who has been appointed as the head coach of Cricket Team India ?

Answer:- Rahul Dravid

23. Question :- The celebration of “World Statistics Day 2021” is organized under the guidance of United Nations Statistical Commission. It is observed on which day?

Answer :- 20 October

24. Question:- Who won the gold medal in the prestigious Cambrian Patrol Exercise held in United Kingdom?

Answer :- 5th Battalion-4 (5/4) Gorkha Rifles representing the Indian Army won the Gold Medal.

25. Question :- Who became the 21st female Grand Master of India after achieving her second International Master in Grand Master in Budapest, Hungary?

Divya Deshmukh

Answer :- 15 year old Divya Deshmukh

26. Question :- What is the rank of India in the Global Food Security (GFS) Index 2021 out of a list of 113 countries?

Answer :- 71st place and India’s overall score on the GFS Index 2021 is 57.2 points.

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