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Most important question answers of CTET 2021 exam preparation.

1. Question :- Which development is most helpful in mental and cognitive development in young children: –

Answer: Physical development.

2. Question:- The process of meaningful learning starts from which stage of development: –

Answer: In infancy stage

3. Question:- Why all children have independent play, informal formal play, participation in yoga and sports activities is necessary: ​​-

Answer: For physical, mental and social development.

4. Question:- If you want to select a few students from your class and prepare a report on the development occurring at the age of 6 months, then what will you do for this: –

Answer: Every month, they will examine changes in their interests, habits, attitudes, temperament, personality behavior, etc.

5. Question:- Under what circumstances is the tendency for close friendship found?

Answer: In adolescence

6. Question: – In which stage of human development, the speed of learning of children is highest.

Answer: In infancy

7. Question:- The most important feature in a good teacher at primary level is: –

Answer: Patience and perseverance.

8. Question:- Human development depends on-

Answer: On its growth and maturity from the environment.

9. Question:- When the adolescent develops the ability to take decisions at a personal level for an object, problem or situation, then this development is called: –

Answer: Cognitive Development

10. Question:- Strong feelings like ‘who am I’, ‘what am I’, ‘I am anything’, etc. are indicative of which stage of development of the child?

Answer: Adolescence

11. Question:- As a result of which the child is able to adjust properly in his constantly changing environment?

Answer: Cognitive Development

12. Question:- What is learning according to ‘Skinner’?

Answer: “Learning includes both acquisition and retention”.

Most important MCQs

(Answers given below)

1. Human intelligence and understanding of development makes a teacher qualified. [CTET 2013]

(1) Practice your teaching impartially

(2) maintaining control over the emotions of the learners at the time of teaching

(3) clarity about the teaching of various learners

(4) To tell the learners how they can improve their life?

2. Systematic presentation of concepts Which of the following principles of development Can be associated with?[CTET 2012]

 (1) Students develop at different rates
(2) development is relatively gradual.
(3) growth results in growth
(4) Development leads to heterogeneity leading to autonomy

3. Which of the following is the principle of development? [CTET 2012] 

(1) Not all development processes are interconnected.
(2) Not everyone has the same growth rate 
(3) Growth is always linear.
(4) It is not a continuous process

4. It helps the teacher to understand the principles of development of the child. [CTET 2011]

(1) Recognizing the economic background of the learner
(2) to justify why learners should teach 
(3) to effectively address different learning styles of learners
(4) Recognizing the social level of the learner

5. “Development is a never ending process.” – This idea is related to?[CTET 2011]

(1) Theory of interrelation 

(2) Theory of continuing

(3) Principle of integration

(4) Theory of interaction

6. Which of the following is a principle of child development?[CTET 2015]

(1) Development occurs because of the interaction between maturation and experience.
(2) Development can correctly estimate the speed of each child 
(3) Experience is the only determinant of development
(4) Development is ensured through vigor and punishment.

7. The developmental perspective of teaching demands that teachers-[CTET 2014]

(1) Be a master of rigorous discipline as children often experiment
(2) Optimize instruction tips according to knowledge of developmental factors
(3) treat children with different developmental stages equally
(4) Provide a type of learning that results only in the development of the cognitive field

8. A teacher found that a student is experiencing difficulty in forming a class. He speculated that he would also experience difficulty in drawing a landscape. He made this prediction based on which of the following principles? [CTET 2014]

(1) Development is continuous 
(2) Development process is different for different people
(3) Development is related to the tendency to be in a systematic order.
(4) The process of development is a mutational process 

9. Which of the following is a critique of the theory of pluralism?[CTET 2013] 

(1) Multiplicity is only ‘geniuses’, who are completely present in the intellect
(2) Multiple Intelligence helps learners to discover their own trends.
(3) It emphasizes practical intelligence more than necessary 
(4) It cannot support empirical evidence at all.

10. Human development is based on certain principles. Which of the following is not a theory of human development? [CTET 2011]

(1) general to specific
(2) Continuity
(3) serialization
(4) Reversible

11. The method of teaching in the lower classes is fundamentally based- [CTET 2011]

(1) On the principle of physical education programs
(2) on the principles of teaching methods
(3) On the psychological principles of growth and development
(4) Sociological principles of teaching

12. A teacher should try to understand the abilities of his students. Which of the following areas is related with this purpose- [CTET 2011]

(1) Sociology of Education
(2) Media Psychology
(3) social philosophy
(4) Education Psychology

13. The teacher teaches the child with knowledge of child psychology by taking information about the:-  A) intelligence and interests of the children. B) teaches by knowing nature. C) Education by taking information about economic status and family status

(1) A only
(3) A and C
(2) B and C
(4) All these

14. Child Psychology is studied in- 

(1) From child birth to childhood

(2) Before the child’s birth, from pregnancy to adolescence 

(3) From child’s birth to adulthood

(4) From child birth to puberty

15. Which of the following statements is true regarding human development?

(1) from normal to normal
(2) from general to specific
(3) from specific to general
(4) from specific to specific


1.(3)           2.(2)          3.(2)

4. (3)             5. (2)          6. (1)

7. (2)    8. (3)         9. (1)

10. (4)        11. (3)  12. (4)

13. (4)         14. (2)       15. (2)

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