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Corruption free India

Essay on Corruption free India for a developed nation

Corruption free India : If a person misuses his power for personal gain, it is called corruption. This abuse of power spreads mistrust between two or more parties and weakens democracy. Corruption hinders the economic development of a nation and increases poverty and inequality. It is necessary to understand how corruption is exposed.

Corruption has been defined in many different ways, each of which lacks some aspect. It is difficult to observe the behavior directly, because usually, acts of corruption do not occur in broad daylight.

Definition of corruption

The most popular and simplest definition of corruption is that “It is the abuse of public power for private benefit”. This is the definition used by the World Bank.”

Corruption refers to the misuse of public power for private gain. This can be done by an elected politician, civil servant, journalist, administrator of a school or anyone in authority. In addition to public corruption, private corruption is also carried out among other individuals and businesses. For example, on occasions like education, inheritance, property work, government activities, marriage etc. Thus, the definition of corruption applies to various forms.

Many banks have suffered due to indulging in corruption by money laundering, rigging in the foreign exchange market. When prominent names are involved in corruption, the matter is covered by the media. resulting in damage to the reputation of the person or organization involved. If it’s a well-known business, they lose customers and sales.

Causes of Corruption

Corruption and crime are endemic social phenomena that appear in varying proportions in almost all countries globally. Each individual nation allocates domestic resources for the control of corruption and the prevention of crime.

The strategies adopted to combat corruption are often summarised under the term anti-corruption. It is also a target of global initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16, which is considered to substantially reduce corruption in all its forms.

» Causes highlights

  • Low levels of democracy, weak civic participation and low political transparency can develop such feelings among people.
  • People can also indulge in corruption because of low educational level.
  • High levels of bureaucracy and inefficient administrative structures encourage corruption and bribery.
  • Low economic freedom and poverty are the root causes of corruption.
  • High levels of market and political monopolies, greed for money, desires etc. are all sufficient to enable corruption.
  • Low press freedom, low economic freedom, large caste divisions and high levels of in-group partisanship, Political instability, Weak property rights, unemployment etc. are the major causes of corruption.

Many forms of corruption

Anyone can be involved in corruption. This can include a politician, public servant, school administrator, government official, manager in a firm, coach of a sports team, executives of private services and more.

Corruption creates opportunities for increased inequality, reduces the return of productive activities and makes corruption activities more attractive. This opportunity for increased inequality not only creates psychological frustration for the underprivileged but also reduces productivity growth, investment and job opportunities. There are many forms of corruption – bribery, extortion and blackmail, favoritism, nepotism and customerism etc.

Abuse of discretion refers to the misuse of one’s powers and decision making facilities. For example- a judge unfairly dismissed a criminal case or an officer using his discretion allowed a banned substance.

Prevention of corruption

Code of conduct : Different steps can be taken to prevent corruption. There should be a specific code of conduct which everyone should strictly follow. Rewards and incentives should be given to encourage people to develop a moral culture. Conflicts of interest should be managed efficiently and a compliance-friendly environment should be promoted.

Education as a tool: If corruption is not curbed, it will continue to grow in the community, resulting in increased criminal activities and organized crime. Various actions can help in managing and eradicating corruption. Education is one of the most important tools. This can help reinforce the right business practices. This way, people will know how corruption is identified.

Reporting way: Corruption can easily be stopped if its reporting is simplified. Anyone should have the right to report it freely without any fear be it employee, customer, manager or any other person. Another important factor is to carefully examine the background of the individual or organization before placing it in a position of power.

Environmental change: A strong controlled environment helps reduce the risk of corruption as does thorough background checks before hiring or promoting employees. Senior executives and managers should establish a strong culture of honesty and integrity by example so that corruption is a misdemeanor for everyone.

Conclusion: Thus, many arguments lead to the conclusion that the current interest in corruption may reflect an increase rather than a decline over the years. Not just a greater awareness of a chronic problem. The privatization of public or state enterprises has itself created situations in which some individuals (ministers, high political officials) have the discretion to make basic decisions.

Whereas the information is not available with outsiders to use the process for profit. These problems have been observed and reported in all regions of the world. But abuses are especially important in infected economies. In many countries some individuals have become extremely wealthy because of these abuses. That is why many citizens have made the market suspicious about the merits of the economy.

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